Secure your online applications instantly, no code change, no patches.

Our AI solution eliminates OWASP and SANS threats the same way a security engineer fixes the code, just instantly with a fraction of the price.

No Manual Code Change

With no code change, there is no human errors. We help businesses save time and money while keeping the hackers at bay.


We secure your online applications within a few days, as opposed to leaving it vulnerable to cyber criminals for months. Our product can be easily integrated into your CI/CD pipelines in a minute.

Security with Business Focus

Designed to bring business context to every layer of the security stacks, we help business and security teams to work as one, therefore secure what matters most to the business.

AppSec Fasttrack 30-day Trial

Our Team

Phillip Vu

BSc, Curtin University


Minsi Hong

BSc, University of Canberra


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8 Djerrkura Street,

Bonner, ACT, 2914

Tel: (02) 6181 5784

Mobile: 0411 382 732