It only takes 15 minutes to harness the power of AI to stop breaches

while you are in FULL control, not the AI.

Stop breaches with a 15-minute setup

Prevent attacks in 15 minutes instead of leaving your system vulnerable for months while waiting for a patch.

AI Force multiplier

We are not here to replace engineers, but to provide a tool that allows one engineer to perform the work of three to five engineers.

Achieve ISO 27001 compliance

Help you pass the three new controls of the updated ISO 27001 standards, which are secure coding, threat intelligence, and monitoring activities.

Automate Simple Code Fix

Automatically fix, test, and deploy simple coding vulnerabilities. This negates the need for hours of expensive remedial development and hours of expensive incident response.

Applied AI Threat Intelligence

Combine the power of AI with extensive threat intelligence data, while ensuring you retain FULL control.

SaaS or On-prem

Secure your online application your way: SaaS or On-Premise. Our IAC (Infrastructure As Code) installs the solution in less than 15 minutes.