Cut through the noise and block the attack before it occurs

Built around ISO 27001, ISM and the OWASP Top 10, designed by CISSP-certified cybersecurity professionals

Predict and Block

Most attacks don't happen immediately; hackers must go through a reconnaissance phase to identify system vulnerabilities. These actions leave breadcrumbs. Our AI detects these and helps block the attack before the final blow.

360 Incident View

Gain a 360-degree view of the entire security incident, including all transactions and components involved. Drill down into each transaction, HTTP request, SQL query, and even source code to investigate.

Automated Threat Modelling

As part of the 360-degree view of the incident, a threat modelling diagram helps you see how far the attacker has penetrated the system and how close they are to discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities.

AI Noise Filters: reduce false alarms

If there is no vulnerability, there is no risk. However, most AI systems raise any suspicious activity, resulting in a large number of false alarms. We integrate vulnerability data into the system to filter out the noise and save you hours in responding to false alarms.

Automated vulnerability patching

Within the first 30 minutes, we help you automatically fix, test, and deploy all simple vulnerabilities. In three hours, with the support of one of your developers, we help you fix all small to medium-sized vulnerabilities

Applied AI Threat Intelligence

Out of thousands of threat feeds, we use AI to match them with the context of the incident, providing you with a list of the most relevant feeds to help you make timely decisions.