Elevate your cybersecurity with AppShieldPro

Guard against cyber threats proactively with real-time detection, automatic patching, and a cutting-edge GA Assistant

Run time App Protection

Detecting and blocking cyber threats and software flaws attacks before the cybercriminals strike.

Fix, test and deployment

Auto-patch automatically fix, test, and deploy small to medium-sized vulnerabilities such SQL injection, log4J, XSS in minutes instead of months.

Generative AI (GA) Assistant

A ChatGPT-like virtual assistant with cognitive ability to self-learn and self-improve, specialised in supporting cybersecurity engineers.

GA Assistant filters

The GA assistant filters out all the noise from different monitoring sources, highlighting real-time threats with critical information to help you in mitigating the threats such as attack probability, consequences, costs and rewards.

360 degree view

It gives total visibility of an HTTP request's journey to your application from the HTTP client, through the networks, firewall, application server and runtime application code in the virtual machine.  By combining key data from multiple sources, our AI model delivers more accurate predictions and as a result help you better manage cyber threats.

GA customizarion

The ability to integrate new training data sources in order to customise the GA assistant to specific security requirements. This is a more advanced feature for cybersecurity engineers with AI knowledge.