Boost your defenses with an AI force multiplier

From rapid setup to secure coding solutions, a powerful AI Assistant, and intelligent task prioritization, stay in control of your cybersecurity defense.

AI Force multiplier

As a force multiplier; we are not here to replace engineers, but to assist you in resolving security vulnerabilities much more quickly and efficiently.

Fast easy setup

It takes only 15 minutes to set up AppSecFasttrack, as compared to months of leaving your apps vulnerable to cyber criminals. In less than a minute, you can integrate our solution into your CI/CD pipeline.

Secure coding fast-tracks

Help you pass three new controls of the updated ISO 27001 standards, which are secure coding, threat intelligence and monitoring activities.

Generative AI Assistant

A ChatGPT-like virtual assistant with the cognitive ability to self-learn and self-improve, specialising in assisting developers in resolving complicated vulnerabilities. Where we cannot give 100% guaranteed working coding solutions, we provide recommendations on how to solve them with coding examples tailored to your application source code.

Advanced VA

Assist you in prioritising your tasks to focus on the vulnerabilities in the code that hackers are most likely to attack. Prioritising tasks based on real-time threat intelligence rather than severity while you are still in complete control.